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    • 50th Anniv. USS Intrepid Workout
    • 50th Anniv. USS Intrepid Workout
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We train traditional Okinawan Matsubayashi, Shorin-ryu, ('te) Karate 7 days a week. Shorin-ryu karate and it's kata have been handed down from father to child, or sensei to student for centuries within the Ryukyu islands of Okinawa. 

"To-te Ueshiro Karate Club's" mission is to develop students young and old to their maximum potential in mind, body & spirit, through courtesy, propriety & self-discipline by training the ancient art of ('te) Karate.

"an ancient Okinawan martial art that the whole family can do together, rather than just  watching from the sidelines"

TO-TE UESHIRO KARATE CLUB: located at NYACK FITNESS (2nd floor) 82 S. Franklin St. Nyack, NY 10960
...what are you waiting for? Start your training today! For more info call 845 353 8505, or email

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To-te Ueshiro Karate Club is an active member of  USRKUSA | Founded by Ansei Ueshiro in 1962 and under the direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione, (52 Years in the USA!).