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Ansei Ueshiro was one of the first Okinawan martial artists to bring Karate to America, he passed away May 7, 2002, He was 69 years old. Mr. Ueshiro, who held the title of (Grand Master), came to the US from Okinawa in 1962.  "I am going to teach karate to the American people the way it was taught to me",  stated Master Ueshiro said just before his arrival to America in 1962. A World champion from 1958-1962 and retiring uncontested, he was a foremost master of the bo, art of the staff.

Early in his career, he became renowned for his fighting skills and teaching Karate to American servicemen stationed in Okinawa. It was one such Marine, James Wax, who was pivotal in arranging for Mr. Ueshiro's special visa to come to this country.  Prior to his arrival, Mr. Ueshiro was the chief Instructor at the Naha Hombu Nagamine Dojo in Okinawa. His wife and children joined him in NY several years later, where they established residency and eventually received US citizenship.

During the past 50 years Master Ueshiro had become one of the most influential Karatemen in the world. Over 200 schools in the US have their roots and heritage linked to him and his students.  "Master Ueshiro's fortitude, strength of character and karate training enabled him to survive and to succeed," says retired NYC Police Officer Robert Scaglione chief representative and Hanshi of the Shorin-Ryu Karate USA organization created by Grand Master Ueshiro.

"Karate... It is a balancing of mind and body. It's a spiritual system as well as a martial art, and one that is as valid today as it was 200 years ago."

Ansei Ueshiro
1933 - 2002